Hi! I'm Ali R. Unes,

a Full Stack Developer

Analogue at birth, digital by design, Level 38 Human

Full Stack Developer and Amateur Photographer

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Throughout the years as a developer, I have built hundreds of web sites, enterprise applications, utilities, integrations, plugins, etc..

Here are some of my personal projects that I am working on right now. My other projects can be found on my Github page.

About Me

Ali R. Unes

It was the year 1998 when I met with the internet for the first time and it was also the day I found my life-long passion. After 2 years of creating amateur websites, I started working as a Junior Webmaster (that is how it was called back in the day). Throughout my 6 years journey with the company, I have designed and developed lot of websites for several different businesses, including but not limited to, Real Estate Agencies, Government Portals, News Portals, etc.

The following 6 years I worked with a company that mostly focused on Learning Management Systems (LMS), Human Resources Software and Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations. I had the opportunity to work with very successful companies and brilliant people. I have also had the chance of leading a small development team in my time with them.

Between 2013 and 2019 I worked for a company that develops Inventory Management Systems, Online Marketplace, IoT Devices and E-Commerce Management Portal that integrates with the world's biggest marketplaces. We have been working on different algorithms/systems to improve sales for e-commerce channels. Besides software development, I am also responsible for project management, deployment, managing servers and security on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

After 2019 I have worked in Property Management Industry for one of the biggest Property Management companies in the US as a Software Development Manager. In my time with them, we created several internal applications, including machine learning supported pricing tool, work order management, social media and review management, intranet, performance metrics applications. Also I developed several websites for the company and it's branches with wordpress.

I am currently working for a one of the biggest companies in the IT Automation industry.

Technologies/programming languages I am fluent in: React, Angular, .Net / .Net Core, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, Redis, Docker, AWS.

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