Hi! I'm Ali R. Unes,

a Full Stack Developer

Analogue at birth, digital by design, Level 38 Human

Full Stack Developer and Amateur Photographer

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Throughout the years as a developer, I have built hundreds of web sites, enterprise applications, utilities, integrations, plugins, etc..

Here are some of my personal projects that I am working on right now. My other projects can be found on my Github page.

About Me

Ali R. Unes

It was the year 1998 when I met with the internet for the first time and it was also the day I found my life-long passion. After 2 years of creating amateur websites, I started working as a Junior Webmaster (that is how it was called back in the day). Throughout my 6 years journey with the company, I have designed and developed lot of websites for several different businesses, including but not limited to, Real Estate Agencies, Government Portals, News Portals, etc.

The following 6 years I worked with a company that mostly focused on Learning Management Systems (LMS), Human Resources Software and Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations. I had the opportunity to work with very successful companies and brilliant people. I have also had the chance of leading a small development team in my time with them.

Between 2013 and 2019 I worked for a company that develops Inventory Management Systems, Online Marketplace, IoT Devices and E-Commerce Management Portal that integrates with the world's biggest marketplaces. We have been working on different algorithms/systems to improve sales for e-commerce channels. Besides software development, I am also responsible for project management, deployment, managing servers and security on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I am currently working for a one of the biggest Property Management companies in the US as a Software Development Manager.

Technologies/programming languages I am fluent in: React, Angular, .Net / .Net Core, C#, NodeJS, Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, Postgre SQL, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, AWS.

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